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Live With a Courageous Heart.
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"One the best decisions I have made in my career… Everyone loves a comeback story. Matt will help you write yours."

Dan Fitzsimmons | Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships at Hornets Sports & Entertainment


"What is unique about Matt's coaching is that he helps you realize your gifts, talents, and dreams, while giving you the courage to be authentic."

Debbie Wolpert | Founder/CEO at

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Matt Gagnon, CPCC, PCC

Live With a courageous heart

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Why I Do What I Do:
I believe in comeback stories. For 15 years I sold my soul to the corporate lifestyle. I missed birthday parties, family events, holidays, funerals, anniversaries…I was missing out on life. I didn’t have a Thanksgiving with my family for 10 years. With having little to no boundaries at work, I burned myself out to the point I had to go on medical leave with several complicated health issues. 

Today as an entrepreneur with my own coaching practice, I am buying back the soul that I once sold. I am home everyday and I will not miss another special life event for work. I schedule my work around my life vs. my life around my work. My health is returning and I am enjoying the experience of life and no longer filling it up with more stuff. It's never too late to make a comeback in life!

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Who Do I Work With: 
As a Global Co-Active Coach, I work with a variety of clients from work-at-home moms to NBA executives. I help people achieve what they really, really, really want to do in life. I take entrepreneurs and business owners and help them transform their work from a hobby to a meaningful career. I bring a specialty focus with social media, specifically with LinkedIn. With over 22,000 connections, I have built 70% of my business on that platform alone. Now I leverage my experience to empower others to do the same.