Born and raised in the woods of central Maine where he graduated from Thomas College with a degree in Marketing Management and where he met his future wife, Nikki.  He would spend seven years working in management for Staples Inc.

By the summer of 2006 Matt was recruited and relocated to Austin, TX by Cole Haan. Matt would spend the next 9 years building and leading powerful teams for some of the most iconic brands on the planet including Under Armour, Carter’s/Osh Kosh, and even had an internship with NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs. After the economic crash of 2009 while with Cole Haan, Matt was responsible for leading the charge in what would be one of the biggest turnarounds in company history.

After 15 years in the retail industry Matt had two major events in his life that set him on a course into entrepreneurship and coaching. In April of 2013 Matt’s son, Fox, was born.  As soon as Matt held his son for the first time he knew that he wanted to show his son that it’s never too late to pursue your true calling in life and to build something of your own. One month later Matt would lose one of his dearest friends, his Dad. The quote from Matt below best speaks to his experience:

"For 15 years I sold my soul to the corporate lifestyle. I missed birthday parties, family events, holidays, funerals, anniversaries...I was missing out on life. With having little to no boundaries at work, I burned myself out to the point I had to go on medical leave with several severe and life threatening health issues."

By the spring of 2015, Matt’s health issues become too complicated to continue his work in retail and this is where he started to focus on his health and building a new future for him and his family. Today Matt is healthy and is the founder of LifeStory Coaching & Development, LLC where he works with a variety of clients from work-at-home moms to NBA executives. He help

s people achieve what they really, really, really want to do in life; coaching entrepreneurs and corporations in transforming their work into a meaningful and profitable career. With a specialty focus in social media, specifically with LinkedIn, Matt built a network with over 20,000 connections, having built 70% of his business on that platform alone. Now he leverages his experience to empower others to do the same. In baseball, if you can’t hit a curveball you hire a hitting coach.

"When life throws you curveballs, you call Matt."