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Step 1  |  Intake Form

Confidentiality: I will not be telling anyone you are my client and I will not reveal the content of our coaching sessions to anyone.   I will protect and honor your information and what we share during our sessions. You, of course, are free to share whatever you choose from our sessions with anyone.  I will reach out to an emergency contact or appropriate level of support if you are going to harm yourself, someone else or if you are missing multiple sessions without communication.

Schedule: Our sessions will be scheduled on days and times that are mutually convenient. Most often we will try to “lock in” a regular day and time, with the option to vary from that schedule on those occasions when either you or I need to shift the appointment. We’ll schedule the days and times for the upcoming month’s calls prior to the 1st of the month. Once those times are set, I will call you at the pre-arranged time and telephone number.

Changes: Last-minute scheduling conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. Rescheduling an appointment is easy with advance notice. I prefer at least 24-hours notice should you need to reschedule.  If you have an emergency, just give me a call and we’ll find a way to work around it. That said, please be aware that if you miss an appointment without any prior notice, I will consider that a paid appointment.

Fee Plan: After our initial 90-minute Discovery Session, I will schedule and invoice our coaching on a month-to-month cycle via PayPal. This approach allows us to be flexible with our schedule, and to set up our sessions around other obligations that inevitably come up—such as extended business trips, holidays or vacations.

Between Sessions: I am not just your coach during our sessions, I am your full-time coach—24/7! I encourage you to email, call, or text me between sessions anytime you’d like to tell me about a problem that’s come up, make a request, or share a success with me. You should never feel alone with how you are feeling, and I encourage you to be courageous and reach out to me when in need.  If you would like me to respond to an email, call, or text, please note at the end of your message and I will reply ASAP.  I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in your life, and e-mail feedback, as well as other forms of support I can offer, are all a part of our partnership!

If you are in need of a conversation lasting more than 15 minutes in between our sessions, and if my schedule permits, I will have a 30-minute session with you right on the spot. If not, I will do my best to schedule a time that same day when we can talk. This would be considered as an “extra” coaching sessions above and beyond our regularly scheduled sessions for that month. The fee for each “extra” session will be billed as an additional session.

Payment Procedure: Payment is due on the first of the month.  Payments are processed on the first of every month via PayPal.  You are required to have a designated credit card on file (see separate form for authorization) that will be automatically billed each month for our contracted price.  If you need to change your payment option, please notify me 24 hours in advance to the first of the month.

Problems: If I ever say or do something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible. I will do all I can to make it right. My ongoing desire is to strengthen our relationship so that it supports your growth.

Contracts: By opening and sending the intake form below, this Agreement will serve as the contract for our relationship with the expectation that you will honor the entire term of the agreed upon length of time.  Early termination will require that the balance of the remaining contract be paid in full.

Completing Our Relationship: When you decide it’s time to end our coaching relationship, please give me two weeks’ notice. This will give us time to have two final sessions to capture your learning and strategize for what is next in your life.

Step 2  |  Discovery Questions

As your coach, it’s important for me to get a sense of how you view the world, and yourself in the world. You have a unique way of perceiving the world, as well as a unique way of interacting with those around you.

The following questions are designed to help me get to know you better. They are designed to be pondered, and to stimulate your thinking in a way that will make our work together productive and rich. I suggest you chew on the questions for a few days before you compose your responses.

Step 3  |  Schedule Your Discovery Session


You're all set!

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