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Dan Fitzsimmons | Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships at Hornets Sports & Entertainment

One the best decisions I have made in my career was to surrender my pride and thought in my own ability, to seek the external help of a coach...in particular, to Matt. I don't believe the same connection would have existed with another coach. Something struck me about Matt's profile, and from our first call I was confident in my choice.  

Matt helped me in many ways. I found myself seeking something specific from the start, but by the time I was complete I found way more in faith, friendship, confidence, patience, and much more.  

Beyond everything, Matt will help you to pull out your true values and bring them forth in daily habits and the way you make decisions. For me, this authentically enriched the way I conduct myself, and rooted me more in my core values. Happy to recommend Matt, but even happier to see Matt continue to help unlock great things in each of us.  

Everyone loves a comeback story. Matt will help you write yours.

Ali Martin | Futurist & Consultant at Sewth Consolidated

Matt would say that all the work I've done to create a fulfilling lifestyle that supports my dreams would be credited to my work alone. The truth is, I have no idea what my life would look like without his wisdom and support over the year we've worked together.

His approach is raw, patient, and backed by results. All the training Matt has and continues to pursue to accel in his craft is only a fraction of the spirit-given gift in his work. Matt has been a rock in my life with invaluable support, accountability and a bird's eye for my vision. As a coach myself, his authentic perspective has been key for my growth as well as the growth of my business ventures.

Before Matt, I was financially broke and emotionally trying to keep it all together. I had just been certified as a Professional Life Coach and was honestly so stressed that I was unable to attract the clientele I needed. It wasn't too long after working together that I had developed a new source of income, had coaching clients, and built a new vision of what's possible for my future. There is no true value I could give to Matt's impact on my life.

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Adam Flores | CEO/Founder at The Business Club Academy

Matt is a tremendous speaker and coach. I've brought him in to train and speak at my live events and the experience has been nothing short of Amazing!! He had helped my team with some powerful LinkedIn strategies that changed the game for us. I definitely recommend him 1000%.

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Debbie (Reeves) Wolpert  | Founder/CEO at DebbieWolpert.com, Sports Medicine Expert, Physical Therapy, Consultant, Speaker

When Matt Gagnon spoke about how to optimize your Linked In profile at a seminar, he delivered exponentially more than expected. Matt gave some excellent examples of how to set your profile apart from the rest. However, what is unique about Matt's coaching is that he helps you realize your gifts, talents, and dreams, while giving you the courage to be authentic on your Linked In profile.

Matt definitely speaks with credibility and expertise in his field. But, Matt speaks from his heart and seems to genuinely care about helping his clients reach their goals.

I highly recommend working with Matt to knock your profile out of the park, and taking your business in the direction and to the level you desire.


Walter Santiago | Publicist at Walter of Chicago

Hi! I wanted to share with everyone my experience as a client for LifeStory Coaching & Development. Speaking with Matt is critical to my development as a person. Whether it is a business consultation or personal development he recognizes the elements necessary to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our conversations are both therapeutic and challenging while also negotiable. Matt makes himself flexible to most circumstances.
His gift is his ability to dissect human experience in the daily grind and help one understand the complexity of daily interactions and actions. Matt successfully integrates my faith with morality, my ethics with my occupation, and creates an organic holistic atmosphere for an individual to see every day more clear than the last. A year ago I found myself struggling to climb in the retail industry. I sought direction and Matt made himself available, now I'm a store manager for Rue 21 an expanding clothing company. I am more productive in my agenda and Matt helps me to achieve the best version of myself like all genuinely amazing coaches should.
Matt Gagnons' life story coaching dissects in you, finds you, and consults you. Now Matt Gagnon may or may not be the oracle in your own life but his wisdom, knowledge, and his testimony's are promising.

David Dickey, CPCC | Chairman at Vistage

I cannot say enough about Matt. First he is a great coach and was very important to me during my coaching certification. Now that I am a certified coach, he still coaches me and I'm better off for it. 
Secondly, he is an expert in LinkedIn. He is extremely knowledgeable and he really knows to utilize it and help others get the most out of LinkedIn. 
Last but certainly not least, he is a wonderful and caring person. He always goes the ""the extra mile"" for you, regardless if you are a client or not. Thank you for all you do Matt!I cannot say enough about Matt. First he is a great coach and was very important to me during my coaching certification. Now that I am a certified coach, he still coaches me and I'm better off for it. 



Paul Horton | District Manager at Things Remembered

Matt is an amazing leader and friend who sets his sights high on the goal. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Matt and he was my biggest fan! He empowered me, lead me and provided me honest feedback that assisted me with my business growth. I am forever connected with Matt and would work with him anyday!

Janet Bourcier | CTI Co-Active Coach at Janet Carol Coaching

Having been a client of Matt Gagnon for almost a year now, I want to attest to his gifts and abilities as a life coach. Matt's professional presence in my life has provided the needed framework, support, and even challenge for the changes I wanted and needed to make, professionally and personally. Matt's role is like that of a trustworthy co-pilot versus that of a movie director with a predetermined script. With a humility that helps me discover my own way, his Co-Active technique of coaching continues to provide the space for me to see my value, to find my purpose, to come alive with motivation and clear direction. If you are looking for coaching that is professional, genuine, supportive, and challenging, I highly recommend Matt.



Martin Frey | VP Sales, Marketing, & Client Solutions at NanoMedical Systems

Matt brings great experience, knowledge, and passion to his work. I have been working with Matt for only three weeks and am extremely grateful for the immediate impact in both the strategic and tactical areas we have addressed. I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with Matt. I recommend him without reservation.

Mindy Cook | Owner/President at Baron Ridge Productions

I had the pleasure of consulting with Matt back in 2015 in regards to some fine tuning business and life coaching to enhance both my personal and professional life. His wisdom, insight and suggestions were spot on and easy to implement to help me see the big picture and achieve the results I was after. He was very generous with his time and attention and I still carry with me the things he shared with me to this day.


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Thom Bray  | Visual Merchandising, Store Design & Store Operations  

Matt has been an incredibly helpful coach guiding me through changes that have recently happened in my life. Because of his powerful energy and warmth, I always look forward to our next conversation. He asks tough and insightful questions in a comfortable way that shows he is a genuine caring leader. I would recommend Matt as a coach to others looking for change or to those trying to find ways to deal with the changes that have happened in their lives.

Cory Thomsen, CPCC, PHR | Conscious Living & Parenting Coach at Cory Thomsen Coaching

Throughout our entire CTI core curriculum journey, Matt brought passion for living and pushed himself and those he was coaching beyond self-imposed limitations. He has a fierce presence and at the same time is one of the most friendly and approachable people I've met. He loves his work, and it shows up in the way that he listens, encourages, and champions others' learning and growth.


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Bill Callahan | Executive VP Sales & Operations at Travel Solutions

Matt is a tremendous Coach, but more important he is a great person!

From the first time we connected on LinkedIn, I have been totally impressed by his approach to business, life and his sincere desire to make a difference in people's life. There few people in life that you know from the very start that they are all about integrity, truth, and caring for others...I feel I am a blessed knowing Matt and I would highly recommend him as a Coach. You can't go wrong having Matt on your team!

Scott Tibbels | Managing Partner at Axiom Growth Partners, LLC

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Matt in the past year. Matt is one of the most energetic, focused, and driven professionals I have ever met. Matt leads with a positive mindset, focused on helping people to realize their best. Matt also has a solid business acumen and has left a trail of successes behind him based on both skill and determination. I highly recommend Matt as a business partner or just as someone important to get to know.



Stephen Mattice

There are certain types of people who find their niche in life and excel at their calling. Matt Gagnon is one of these people. I have known Matt for many years and to say he is a "beacon of light" to those around him would be a great understatement. Matt was given a gift and he is using that gift, not to benefit himself, but to improve the lives of everybody he comes in contact with. I find it impossible to be in the presence of Matt and not feel uplifted, motivated, and energized. Matt has a positive energy about him that just radiates onto those around him. I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression issues, and, when talking to Matt, those problems begin to dissolve and become my strengths. If you want to unlock your full potential and discover the greatness you are capable of, I cannot recommend Matt Gagnon enough. Do yourself a favor and take a chance...you have nothing to lose but the baggage you are currently carrying around!

Katie Madins | Owner at Be Tantillated

Today has been blessing after blessing but one of the greatest was meeting with Matt Gagnon!! I requested help for my Linked In page but left empowered after our time together. If you're an entrepreneur, please set up time with him ASAP. I look forward to his online coaching because Matt shares a wealth of his time, knowledge, and God fearing guidance in every word he speaks.
Thank you so much, Matt. I truly appreciate you and your service.



Rick Collins

Matt is truly an inspiration. As a coach, he believes in people perhaps more than they believe in themselves. He challenges and encourages all at the same time. His sole focus is helping you live (really live!) the life that you want to - and he will help you figure out what that is.
He is very responsive and if you need him, he is there, almost immediately. He gets tremendous joy in sharing your successes and empathizes if things are not going so well.
His ever present energy is contagious and you will catch it when you spend time with him!

Jennifer Cruz | Property Coordinator at D6 Retreats

Wow! Matt with Life Story Coaching has a way of putting things into perspective that just make sense. Matt has an amazing gift to connect the dots and see patterns in our life that maybe we weren't able to see ourselves. Matt is a true tool of empowerment and love. Thank you for being you Matt!



Craig Schlabs | Store Manager

Matt Gagnon is one of the first people I connected with on LinkedIn. He is completely transparent and continually makes himself vulnerable for the benefits of the Linkedin Community. I admire his honesty and his ability to push back by asking questions that make you re-evaluate yourself. He has been a wonderful coach and role model for so many people. His perspectives always leave you wondering "how would I handle this situation" and wanting more. He takes the time to respond back to messages and posts versus the token thumbs up emoji. That in itself shows his caring nature and his drive to coach people to be the best. I am very grateful for all the words of wisdom that Matt has given me and would not hesitate to work for an individual who truly cares about others.

Tara Mead | Program Manager at Cancer Recovery Foundation International

Matt really helped me out when I was in a very unsettled place in my life, both personally and professionally. He encouraged me to beef up my LinkedIn profile, but more importantly, he helped me to open my eyes to my true passions and to follow them. Matt is the person you can count on to help you stay focused on your career and personal goals...and to remind you about your role in this world and your own gifts. His encouragement helped me to stay the course, remain positive and focused, and to prioritize my life. Matt's heart is in the right place and he will help you, guaranteed.



Randi Lyman, CPO-CD | Owner at A Helping Hand

Matt is an incredible coach.Why, because he's real, kind & passionate about life & the success of others. He brings his experiences with life's challenges & how coaching can & has turned those challenges into successes. He's a deep listener who is knowledgeable about coaching based on where you are in your life right now & where you want to be. He makes one feel safe in the coaching environment. I highly recommend Matt to anyone that wants to make lasting changes in their lives.

Matthew Bradbury | Account Manager at Translate.com

Matt has an amazing gift to listen and understand each individual and then motivate them by helping them understand what makes them great. He helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and to look at things in a completely different perspective. A perspective that has allowed me to be more successful in my every day approach. He is an absolute motivator and leader of people. He will change your state of mind that will allow greatness to pour into your life from all angles. Thanks Matt.


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Glen Dunzweiler | Filmmaker, Producer, Educator, Designer

As a speaker, I found Mr. Gagnon to give direct and useful information. I found his words to be meaningful, earnest, and inspirational. I am glad to have attended his event.

Kristine Jarquin | Territory Manager at PANDORA A/S

Matt is an extremely passionate, caring and engaging person. While I worked with him, he was knowledgeable as well as curious about what I was doing and wanted to help in any way possible. A truly positive and inspiring person



Steve Jones | General Manager at Ulta Beauty

Matt is a very passionate and professional individual that will go the extra mile for his clients. Being in his coaching sessions has made a tremendous impact in my life.

Frederick Smith | CEO at Frederick Smith Enterprises

Hi, my name is Frederick Smith. I am an Entrepreneur/Internet marketer. I became acquainted with Matt Gagnon through a business conference that I attended - in which Matt was one of the featured speakers. He provided solutions, ideas, strategies, and concepts that I could incorporate into my business. Matt's presented them in a way that was easy to understand and apply. Thank you, Matt.

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Ryan White | Softlines Manager at Dick's Sporting Goods

Matt is one of the most genuine, inspiring individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. He has an amazing ability to actively listen and provide a perspective that truly makes a difference in your life. Matt is currently my coach and he has had a profound impact on me. I am truly blessed to know and work with Matt. He is also one of the best communicators that I've ever met and he can truly help you grow as a professional and a person. I recommend Matt and his coaching to anyone wanting to improve their business knowledge, leadership, or any other aspect of their life. He will make a real difference.

Mark Smyth

Matt has a never-ending supply of enthusiasm for life. His courageousness is infectious. I find that when I am around Matt my own courage rises and overtakes any inner self-doubts that may have been lurking in my mind. If you're interested in finding a life coach that can help change your life for the better, Matt is the first person you should call. You'll be glad you did!



Luke Darling | Clear 2 Close

Matt is a true professional and expert who has earned an excellent reputation throughout his years in personal development. Not only is he highly detail-oriented and personable, but he also goes out of his way to understand and meet the needs of each individual client on a personalized basis.

Alyssa Burgoyne

Matt is fantastic at pushing you to get outside your comfort zone to find success. He asks the questions you need to acknowledge and is truly inspirational!



Diana Del Cid | Administrative Assistant at NY State Department of Health

It has been my privilege to spend time with Matt as he coached me through Career and Life Advice. Without question, I am a more confident and am looking more effectively into my composition as a result of his advice. Matt's unique ability to blend the intellectual with his extensive real-life experience as a leader is invaluable. His advice is practical.
Currently, Matt is coaching me on my career and being within to pursue my goals. He carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges you. I choose the path, he helps me to see it more clearly.
I would recommend him as one who listens for understanding and challenges to action. Because of his encouragement, I can honestly say that I have learned more about myself...

Helen Copley

Matt is very focused on doing the best for his clients.